Welwynn Outpatient Center introduces the very latest innovation in addiction treatment to our program: BioSound™ Therapy. A thoroughly profound experience, BioSound™ Therapy is designed to induce a relaxation response and have a positive impact on many aspects of the recovery process.

What is BioSound™ Therapy?

BioSound™ Therapy is a scientifically proven system using binaural sound rhythms to positively enhance the addiction recovery process. A thoroughly researched and verified evidence-based intervention, this therapy proves effective in managing cravings, intervening in post-acute withdrawal, de-escalating anxiety, improving sleep cycles and preventing relapse.

How BioSound™ Therapy Works

The system utilizes precisely choreographed music that is synchronized with low frequency sine tones and binaural beats. The combination of the music, vibrations and binaural beats induces a theta level meditative state in most people in about 15 minutes. This influence on brain waves has been proven to have a positive impact on many aspects of health and wellness.

More often found in elite residential treatment programs, Welwynn is excited to be the first provider in our region to make this powerful tool available in an outpatient setting. BioSound™ Therapy is an example of the full array of the best tools in the field of addiction treatment; all while allowing our guests to remain in their home environment.

Available for Entire Family

Often times the needs of the family have been placed on-hold and coping with stress and emotions has been neglected.  Welwynn is happy to provide BioSound™ Therapy, along with all of our services, to the family members of our guests at no additional cost. Substance use disorders impact all persons in the family. We will help you as an individual and as a family to restore health back to your life.

We offer BioSound™ Therapy for:

Craving Intervention
Management of Post-Acute-Withdrawal
Relapse Prevention
Anxiety and Stress Management
Mood Regulation
Motivation and Self Efficacy
Improving Sleep Quality

Welwynn Outpatient Center is the only provider in our region to offer the state-of-the-art healing power of BioSound™ Therapy.

Biosound Therapy