Discreet DWI Assessment & Treatment

Welwynn’s DWI / DUI Services

If you are charged and convicted of Driving-While-Impaired (DWI) in the state of North Carolina, you will likely lose your license. There are specific education and treatment requirements for your license to be reinstated after the revocation period. Welwynn is here to help you through the process.

Have You Been Charged or Convicted of a DWI?

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If you are requesting a limited driving privilege, or you have been convicted of a DWI, you must submit to a DWI Assessment. This assessment takes approximately one (1) hour to complete.

What is Included in the Assessment?

Your assessment will include an historical review (your current and previous legal offenses), a clinical interview and the administration of a standardized measuring instrument.

Where Will My Assessment Take Place?

Welwynn Outpatient Center
7200 Falls of Neuse Rd.
Suite 300
Raleigh, NC 27615

What Do I Need to Bring to the Assessment?

You will need to bring the following items with you to the assessment:

  1. A copy of the ticket or citation
  2. The document contatining the breathalyzer reading
  3. The paperwork containing your complete driving record
    (This can be obtained from your local DMV office. Learn how to request your driving records.
  4. Your $100 assessment fee (cash or credit cards accepted)

What Happens After the Assessment?

At the conclusion of your assessment, a member of the Welwynn clinical staff will make a referral for the appropriate level of education or treatment based on the criteria set by North Carolina DWI laws and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria. Even if you completed your assessment with another provider, you can complete your education and treatment with Welwynn.

What Levels of Education or Treatment Does Welwynn Offer?

  • 20 hours of treatment and education
  • 40 hours of treatment and education

Both levels of treatment and education are facilitated in a group setting. Please call our office for specific days and times.

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