Does someone in your family need help?

At times the conversation with a loved one about their alcohol or drug use can be a difficult one. Our clinicians have been providing interventions for years, and are skilled in helping you navigate this challenging conversation and getting help for your family member or colleague. We do not believe in the pop-media generated intervention strategies of abrasive and escalating drama.  Rather, we have found the opposite to be the most therapeutic and conducive to a positive outcome. We will meet privately with you first, probably several times, to create an intervention that is designed specific to your circumstances and the person you care about helping. We will use clinical approaches that embrace everyone with respect and compassion, recognizing that keeping one’s dignity is a pivotal and empowering component of change.

Most likely, if you are reading this, it is highly probable that your loved one has developed a significant issue; thank you for your willingness to help them. Feel free to call us for further information about this process and to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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