Upcoming Events

Welwynn’s 2019 Event Calendar

January 16th: Networking Event
Event Sponsor: Foundations Network

February 22nd: CEU Event
Hosted by Summit

March 20th: Networking Event
Event Sponsor: Caron

April 17th: Networking Event
Event Sponsor: Hazelden Betty Ford & Novus Detox

May 6th:  Golf Tournament
Welwynn Charity Golf Classic

June 18th: Open House
Welwynn 3rd Anniversary Open House

July 17th: Networking Event
Event Sponsor: BRC Recovery

August 21st: Networking Event
Hosted by: Summit

September 18th: Networking Event
Origins Behavioral Healthcare

October 16th: Networking Event
CooperRiis/Bluff Plantation

November 20th: Networking Event
Silver Ridge/Pyramid Healthcare

December 10th: Welwynn Year Ending ‘Thank You’ Luncheon
Event Sponsor: TBD

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