Alcohol Addiction Treatment

What is Alcohol Addiction & Abuse?

Alcohol addiction is characterized as the continued use and abuse of alcohol despite the negative consequences in your life. Alcoholics consume amounts of alcohol that cause distress or harm to the individual and can decrease inhibitions to the point that the individual is placing themselves or others in danger.

Although some people who abuse alcohol do not become dependent, they often neglect their responsibilities at work, school or in other areas of their lives. Today there are a number of treatment options available to help people with alcohol addiction and co-occuring disorders that impact their lives.

Recreational and social drinking is ingrained in our culture. However, when your focus turns to drinking instead of enjoying these social gatherings or life’s simple moments, it could be the beginning of a serious drinking problem. Friends and family members who drink socially may seem judgmental when someone begins to abuse alcohol since they’ve never experienced such problems and don’t understand.

Discreet Alcohol Addiction Treatment

At Welwynn we understand how difficult it can be to make the decision to seek treatment for your alcohol problems. Often people worry about the stigma attached to the disease and what others may think or how they will be judged. We are dedicated to offering you the support you need and the help you deserve to overcome your struggles to control your alcohol use.

We understand how influences in everyday life can contribute to the hesitancy to commit to treatment for this complex problem. Our highly trained staff specializes in treating addiction including alcohol use disorders. They use a number of treatment approaches that have been empirically supported and evidenced based which attests to their effectiveness.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery and Relapse Prevention

While at Welwynn you will learn new coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s stresses and relapse prevention techniques to help you maintain sobriety after your treatment. In addition, you will learn how to avoid those situations which will be stumbling blocks to your recovery, and allow you to restore relationships that existed prior to your treatment. We will even help you develop the skills to be able to attend functions that include alcohol, using new found abilities to resist urges and cravings.

Get started with a free and confidential consultation to determine the best pathway to begin your recovery.