What is Biosound Therapy?

Benefits of the increasingly popular Biosound Therapy in treatment of mental health disorders and substance abuse/addiction treatment are numerous. In sync with other state-of-the-art technologies, Welwynn Outpatient Center is using Biosound Therapy where appropriate and desired to help with underlying issues related to the treatment of addictions such as muscle tension, anxiety, depression and pain. The binaural beats of therapeutic music sound frequencies heard by a client can induce a greater level of the meditative state, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. The resultant mindfulness and heightened awareness are additional benefits. Biosound has been successfully used in stress reduction and other withdrawal symptoms in the detox process.

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How Biosound Therapy Works?

Biofeedback, guided imagery and vibrational massage are also available with the Biosound Therapy system, and have proved therapeutic to stress reduction and reducing trauma. The client lies on a special bed in a quiet room, where the various Biosound modalities are available. The client is exposed to a variety of vibrational patterns, both heard and seen. Therapy is designed individually, per the client’s treatment plan, to link spiritual and physical healing with the nervous system in a state of complete relaxation.

Many providers believe the use of medications for treatment of substance abuse and addiction can be lessened by use of the Biosound Therapy. Best of all, this is a non-invasive system, and requires no use of opiates or other medications. There are no side effects! Your trusted clinicians will be happy to discuss this treatment modality with you, and how it may benefit you in your plan of care.

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