Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Most Susceptible to Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is potentially one of the most appealing drugs to those who have high pressure professional, business or executive lines of work, as it not only gives a rush of euphoria, but also a burst in energy – which may appeal to professionals weighed down by career responsibilities and/or other family or social concerns. Many cocaine addicts report that in many circles cocaine is the drug of choice to just try, with the goal of getting high, because “lots of others try it and like it.” How people use cocaine, whether snorting, smoking or injecting, determines the length of time for its effects to take hold, as well as the duration of them. Users often are noted to be more energetic, talkative, and over-confident.

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Treatment and Recovery

Cocaine addiction treatment is usually based on symptoms, length of use and side effects from its use. The biggest physical danger of cocaine use is its effects on the heart, even potentially causing a heart attack or stroke. Treatment also has to take into effect if other co-abuse substances, such as alcohol or marijuana, are used. We find cocaine and alcohol are commonly used together, which can cause cocaine recovery problems if continued alcohol use becomes a trigger for cocaine use. For the best outcome for sustained recovery, no other drugs should be used during the recovery phase.

Welwynn Outpatient Center can give its clients the support they need in helping define the severity of the addiction, identifying and evaluating the triggers and other medical and psychological needs fueling the addiction. Just as peer group pressure may have been a factor in cocaine addiction, it may be useful in sustaining recovery. Client-centered, individualized cocaine addiction treatment plans need to be developed with the expert clinicians at Welwynn. Ongoing recovery therapy could include cognitive behavioral therapy, in order to help clients know better how to identify and deal with the triggers that could lead to a relapse in cocaine use.

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