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Fayetteville, North Carolina, is a city in the eastern United States with a distinctly patriotic flair.The community of military veterans, low-income residents, and a high number of residents working in farming or manufacturing may contribute to higher than average levels of pain and therefore elevated painkiller use and potential misuse. Fayetteville ranked 15th in the United States for prescription opioid abuse and 18th highest for opioid abuse, including heroin, overall. For many, the first step toward recovery is acknowledging that there is an issue. An addict may not feel they need help because they do not realize the severity of their addiction or the damage it is causing to them and those around them.

Treatment in Fayetteville NC can take many forms and last for different lengths of time. For severe forms of addiction, recovery is a long-term process. Successful treatment will consist of either therapy, medical help, or both. Some addicts may respond better to both types of therapies whilst trying to recover, while some will only need one type of treatment. The specific type, or combination of, treatment required varies depending on patients’ individual needs and the type of addiction they have.

Welwynn Outpatient Center in Fayetteville NC provides a range of therapies and treatments proven to be effective at treating alcoholism, drug addiction, individualized plan for recovery and Driving-While-Impaired (DWI) services in a discrete manner with success and tackling any side effects they may cause. Our experienced team at Welwyn combines the latest understandings from psychology and medicine, teamed up with a nutrition, personal fitness, and the appropriate use of ancient wisdom traditions. We know that no addiction or patient is the same; that’s why all our treatment programs are customized. 

Our goal is to be your partner on the road to recovery – to provide the best care available.

We offer treatments in Fayetteville NC for:

Alcohol Addiction: For many people, drinking alcohol is a part of socializing, going out, and often, their weekly routine.  Therefore, it can be hard to differentiate between alcohol use and alcohol abuse. Drinking addictions can slowly begin and take over users’ lives before they’ve even realized they have a problem.

Drug Addiction: A drug addiction is a complex mental disease and, after prolonged abuse, will take more than willpower to quit. Many believe that a drug addiction comes from a lack of self-control, whereas in reality, after a first hit or high, drugs will alter brain chemistry, making it harder to abstain from further drug abuse. This also makes it harder for friends and family to know how to help a drug addict.

Personalized Approach: We will work on the causes of the dependency and address the beliefs, emotions, and compulsions that resulted in the dysfunctional behavior and the beginning of the addiction in each patient. To help a drug addict and aid a full recovery, a complete change in thought processes will have to be adopted, alongside effective coping mechanisms.

DWI Services: The program administers clear, punitive consequences combined with quality treatment and aftercare programs which offer counseling, education, and case management to encourage a responsible choice by the offender to not drink and drive.

Alcohol addiction and drug abuse  is destructive and it negatively affects all those around you. The most effective form of addiction treatment is designed to treat the body, the mind and the spirit. This is often termed a ‘person-centered approach’ to addiction treatment. Often, the root causes of addiction are psychological so it’s important to tackle these causes using evidence-based treatments that address the mind as well as the body.

Fortunately, Welwynn Outpatient Center is here to assist you in selecting the treatment that will help you permanently overcoming your addiction.

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