Heroin Addiction Treatment

The Most Highly and Dangerously Addictive Drug

Heroin is widely considered the most highly and dangerously addictive drug we are currently dealing with in addiction treatment. Heroin addiction treatment takes a very highly-trained addiction clinician, who understands the rapid process with which heroin can literally take over your brain, and cause your behavior to be erratic, bizarre, and often violent. Detoxification may not take that long, depending on the extent of the usage and behaviors involved, but recovery can take a lot longer, as withdrawal symptoms can occur for an unknown period of time, and potentially lead to relapse.

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Treatment and Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms, fueling the need for more heroin, vary in intensity, with some even becoming life-threatening. Heroin addiction treatment would be optimized if users sought help before symptoms such as sweats, nausea, vomiting, dangerously slow breathing and fever became too severe, and more and more heroin was sought to alleviate them. Medications can assist with ongoing withdrawal symptoms and help relieve the subsequent cravings for heroin, and are used in some treatment plans when needed. SuboxoneR and VivitrolR, for example, are FDA approved and can be used in an outpatient addiction center setting.

Extremely discreet conditions and confidentiality are a hallmark of Welwynn Outpatient Center, as we understand your need for privacy in preventing information regarding your treatment to reach ears other than those you have allowed. It is safe to say we go beyond HIPAA and other regulatory requirements to ensure your privacy, giving our clients the comfort level needed to help in sustaining heroin addiction recovery.

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