Welwynn Intervention Services

About Us
Welwynn Outpatient Center is an addiction treatment center serving executives, professionals and their families in an intensive outpatient (IOP) setting located in Raleigh, NC. We recognized early on, as families came to us frustrated and confused, that we needed to be able to provide a level of service to help them to get their loved ones struggling with addiction into treatment. Welwynn Intervention Services is the result of those observations and that effort.

The focal point of our intervention methodology centers around getting the family to realize their points of leverage, drafting and delivering a narrative to the addict/alcoholic and then holding them accountable.

What is an intervention?
For our purposes, an intervention is an orchestrated, structured process to encourage and motivate someone to seek professional help with an addiction.

Our Mission
To help those struggling with addiction who do not want help and who do not see the damage they are causing; to get them into the most appropriate level of care; to get them there as quickly as possible; to get them there in the right frame of mind; to arm the family with the tools to begin setting and holding its boundaries; to prepare everyone for their new future.

Continuum of Care Services

  • Intervention Planning and Facilitation
  • Family Reintegration and Empowerment
  • Treatment Center Navigation
  • Sober Coaching
  • Case Management
  • Drug Testing
  • Sobriety Monitoring

Welwynn’s ‘6-Step’ Intervention and Extended Care Process
1. Discovery
     – Initial conversations
     – meetings
2. Build-Out
     – Develop strategies and tactics
     – create narrative
3. Pre-Intervention Meeting(s)
     – Review assignments
     – Discuss staging and scripting
4. ‘The Intervention’
     – Execution
     – Orchestration
5. Transport
     – Scheduling
     – Sober companion
6. Case Management
     – One (1) year post treatment
     – ‘Person-of-Concern’ (POC) and family

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