Meth Addiction Treatment

How can you be addicted to meth?

The stimulant effects of methamphetamine (meth) use can rapidly lead to addiction, as meth delivers a very powerful rush of dopamine to your brain, creating a highly increased sense of well-being, increased learning, memory and pleasure – far more so than your brain’s naturally occuring dopamine production. People who want this stimulant effect to be ongoing often use it several days in a row to stay high. As meth is more affordable than many other drugs, it often becomes the drug of choice for continued use, but it also is known to lead to the use of other drugs.

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Side Effects and Dangers of Meth

When meth wears off, withdrawal symptoms can also present as rapidly as the effects of meth do, and create extreme levels of discomfort with symptoms such as depression, anxiety , restlessness and insomnia. Perhaps the most serious risk of meth use is the adulteration of meth that drug dealers are increasingly doing – cutting meth with drugs such as anti-depressants or opioids, increasing the potential strength of the meth. Considering that most of the meth used in our country comes in illegally, from questionable sources, it is potentially the most lethal of the street drugs.

Recovery and Relapse Prevention

Carefully monitored detoxification, the first step of meth addiction treatment, will safely rid the body of meth and help make it ready for normal drug-free functioning. Counseling will be needed to help our clients recognize and avoid the triggers that would lead them back into meth use. Resisting the temptation of the rush of euphoria from meth, and learning how to maintain recovery will not happen overnight, but with help from the Welwynn Outpatient Center expert clinicians and identified support systems, it can be done. Any meth addiction treatment plan is client-driven and comprehensive in scope, with ongoing therapy options to help prevent relapse.

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