Opiate Addiction Treatment

The Path to Recovery

You have done the right thing – you have opened this page to learn what can be done for opiate addiction treatment, with skilled professional clinicians that will work with you and your family/friends, if you wish, to put you on the path to recovery. Our Welwynn Outpatient Center clinicians have worked with opiate addiction clients since the beginnings of what we now know as the opioid crisis in our country. We stand ready to help you with proven, exceptionally successful state-of-the-art treatment modalities. Our focus is on helping you on your road to sustained recovery, not on how you got to your opiate addiction.

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Treatment and Recovery

One of the most unique challenges in many clients addicted to opiates is that they do not want to lose the “normal” feeling they have when taking opiates, which they feel allows them to work through their daily lives/work, etc., as usual. They may begin to see a problem when needing higher and higher doses to reach the state of what they consider normal, and the risk of overdosing becomes very real, as do some of the side effects of these drugs, such as abdominal cramping, mood swings, sexual dysfunction, nausea, etc. Many will seek help at this stage, hopefully, and our clinicians can help stabilize and detoxify these clients according to their identified needs.

Many are fearful of the symptoms that can occur with opiate withdrawal when beginning treatment for opiate dependency, such as anxiety, clamminess and sweating, vomiting and sleep disturbances. Our time-tested clinicians are skilled in treatment options that help alleviate these symptoms, and help clients prevent relapse, while continuing with their usual work schedules and lives. The goal of any medication-assisted treatment is to have it be short-term, not a life-long need, and current pharmaceutical options are available, such as SuboxoneR and VivitrolR to help subdue the cravings associated with withdrawal. Other opiate treatment platforms exist as well, which the treatment clinicians will explain when working with you to set up your specific, individualized treatment plan.

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