Our Philosophy

It is our mission to meet you where you are in life, and to fully embrace both your strengths and your opportunities for growth.

What sets Welwynn’s treatment apart from other intensive outpatient facilities is that we are not program-driven and we do not use a pre-scripted course of action. Our goal is to collaboratively develop a truly personalized treatment plan with you, based on agreed upon goals, methods and strategies.

Welwynn’s program is specifically designed for executives, professionals and their families. We understand that the skills and traits for a successful career can also lay the foundation for substance use disorders. We will not attempt to take these skills away from you; rather we will guide you to recognize their role in addiction and to manage their presence in a manner that affords you optimum outcomes.

Our comprehensive model of care uses a bio-psycho-social disease philosophy of treatment, individualized to your needs. Our outcome-driven approach uses evidence-based treatment and incorporates your feedback and progress to continually keep your most current needs prioritized, thus improving your prospects for a positive outcome.

Get started with a free and confidential consultation to determine the best pathway to begin your recovery.