Personalized Approach

Your Personal Path to Recovery

Once you’ve been accepted into the Welwynn program, you will meet with a clinician to discuss goals and needs identified by you, and explore the core areas of:

  • Initial stabilization and withdrawal risks
  • Any health problems or biomedical conditions
  • Moods regulation and emotions, as well as overall cognitive conditions and any coexisting mental health issues
  • The reasons that you are seeking help and have prompted your readiness to change
  • Relapse prevention and identifying trends in any previous attempts to stay sober
  • Understanding the unique facets of your recovery environment, especially with regards to your work and home

Together, we will prioritize your clinical needs and develop a course of action that is specific to you. We will determine very clear measures for success and progress; always being cognizant of the unique needs of your lifestyle. This multi-dimensional confidential assessment will foster a treatment plan that is actively developed with you and incorporates a holistic approach to restoring you to wellness.

Your Individualized Plan for Recovery

Welwynn views our relationship with you as just that – a relationship. This therapeutic alliance is pivotal and one of the greatest determinants of outcomes in treatment. We take our relationship with you very seriously. We make ourselves fully available to you throughout the course of your treatment on a daily basis, not just during office appointments.

Once we have formulated a plan with your full commitment, we will help you stabilize, manage cravings, resolve crises and address contributing issues that may have prompted you to seek treatment. We will also assist you to design and master a relapse prevention plan that fits with the unique daily needs of your career and lifestyle.

Our Array of Options

We know our program works; our clinicians have helped many executives and professionals before you. Your individualized recovery plan may involve any, or all, of the following menu of services to assist in your return to wellness as expeditiously as possible.

Group Therapy – On a schedule that can accommodate your career and family.

Individual Counseling – Solution focused sessions to address your issues in private.

Pharmacogenetic Testing – How a client’s genetic make-up affects how they react to certain medications. May be used to guide therapy decisions and improve outcomes.

BioSound™ Therapy – Provides you scientifically proven, safe and effective binaural interventions to stress, cravings, anxiety and overall wellness.

Addiction Education – Understanding substance use disorders, brain involvement, craving management, relapse prevention, the role of nutrition, identifying triggers, the impact on your family and the importance of a holistic approach to wellness and recovery.

Relapse Prevention Group Therapy – Learning to anticipate and cope with urges to use addictive substances; tools to reduce or eliminate your craving intensity.

Recovery Coaching & Consultation – Available throughout the week via telephone, text, email or video conference to provide immediate clinical care and support to you while away from our program.

Secure Video and Teleconferencing – A way to stay in touch and receive clinical support between sessions or when you are out of town.

Direct Phone Access – 24/7 to your core clinical staff who know you. Never an answering machine.

Family Participation – Specially designed counseling groups and sessions plus full access to all holistic services at no additional cost.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Body Movement – Provided by certified and experienced practitioners specific to your needs.

Massage Therapy– Provided by a licensed massage therapist to assist with alleviating cravings, stress and anxiety.

Nutritional Planning and Optimization Therapy – Understanding the role of nutrient dense foods in accelerating the healing from addiction. Quality tapas and nourishing beverages are provided along with other resources for improved eating throughout the week.

Tobacco Cessation Support – Provided on an individual basis, these counseling sessions utilize a variety of interventions for persons seeking to quit the use of tobacco and related products.

Ongoing Contact – We value ongoing contact with our clients long after core program completion. We consider it a privilege to have developed a therapeutic connection with you and to be a part of your healing process. We will encourage you to stay in contact with us and, with your permission, we will stay in touch to assure you of our continued support.

Get started with a free and confidential consultation to determine the best pathway to begin your recovery.