Substance Abuse Treatment

What is Substance Abuse?

At Welwynn Outpatient Center, our licensed and professionally qualified clinicians are at the top of their field in the treatment of substance abuse. Substance abuse , which differs from addiction in that it is a behavioral issue, refers to the abusive use of alcohol or drugs that are not part of any prescribed medical treatment plan in order to reach a “high” or get quick relief from stress or anxiety. What can often begin as an occasional use of alcohol or drugs can exacerbate into a substance abuse disorder with increasingly frequent and excessive use of mind-altering substances that have the potential to negatively affect your health as well as personal and work relationships. Without treatment, it can lead to addiction, or physical dependency on a substance, which is a chronic condition. Depending on the use, substance, and situation you are in , you could risk legal issues or even arrest, such as with a DUI. At Welwynn, substance abuse can be successfully treated, and reoccurrence prevented.

Are You Struggling with Substance Abuse?

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Treatment and Recovery

Treatment at our center starts with your call 984-200-2780 and a free and confidential consultation to determine your path to recovery. Welwynn has offered successful, discreet and highly confidential substance abuse treatment to many high-performing professionals, based on individualized, therapeutic plans tailored to each client. Your wishes, goals and direction are at the center of your treatment plan. Our skilled clinicians will evaluate and treat any behavioral or medical conditions that are negatively affecting your path to recovery, as well as giving you the specific treatment to your substance abuse disorder, with an integrated, holistic approach to your identified needs.

We utilize in-office, private, confidential sessions, group sessions with those with whom you may align, and 24/7 counseling outreach availability by multiple platforms, including high-security video and tele-counseling. Availability for help in your path to recovery is always available, with the compassionate, experienced clinicians at Welwynn, and your consent and commitment to treatment.

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