Case Management

Providing individualized care and assistance to stay on track to your road to recovery.

When Is Case Management Needed?

Individuals who are overcoming substance abuse or mental illness and work with the case manager are more capable of coordinating several outpatient treatment programs. These services may include detox and outpatient rehab, but it may also add a continuation of care after the inpatient rehab stay. Your Case Manager will assist with finding a place in a sober living home, getting transportation to therapy, receiving prescription medications, and finding support groups. Although anybody overcoming addiction or mental illness can benefit from a case management program, studies show that older adults and elderly individuals who have relapsed previously, individuals diagnosed with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, and individuals who have struggled with polydrug abuse have greater success in treatment when partnered with a case manager.
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Benefits Of Case Management

24 Hour Access

We are available to you and your family, if you chose to include them, 24 hours a day.

Smooth Transition

Helpful in making a smooth transition back into the outside world from the treatment center.

Customized Treatment

Working to help you get the services you need to remain involved in a healthy, sober lifestyle.

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