Multi-Family Group

We teach you the skills and fundamentals to create healthy communication and boundaries for a stronger family foundation.


Our Family Education Program is designed to teach families how to eliminate codependent behaviors, recreate healthy boundaries, and maintain open communication with family members.

Families learn these skills by participating in multi-family groups. These sessions are offered every two weeks, in person. Our Family Education Program emphasizes early recovery issues and gives participants the opportunity to share their feelings and experiences with others in a safe and supportive environment.

Our staff works to help families identify and understand the reasons behind enabling and codependent behaviors. And while this process might be foreign to many families, we’ve developed a unique and evidence-based plan to help it make sense. In our program, we avoid labels and use a language that everyone can understand. We explain exactly what you should expect before, during, and after treatment. Perhaps most importantly, we explain what each family member’s role will be in the recovery process.

A group of people sitting in a circle talking.

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