Recovery Monitoring

An extra hand to hold, if you need, to get you through and hold you accountable through the tough times in recovery.

What Does Recovery Monitoring Entail?

Statistically, we know, recovery monitoring provides the accountability and evidence clients need after treatment. While recovery is referred to as an “inside job,” monitoring provides the external evidence of recovery.

Simply put, we’ve designed our monitoring services to make post-treatment monitoring affordable and available for everyone who needs it.

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Recovery Monitoring Options

At Welwynn, recovery monitoring involves a specific process which includes different treatments and program plans such as the following:

Each client’s treatment program (when applicable) is contacted to review post-treatment recommendations and continuing care plans.

Each family is assigned a Recovery Monitoring Officer

Medication Compliance (when applicable)

A detailed Recovery Monitoring Contract is implemented to protect open communication within the family and amongst all supporting parties.

Regular progress reporting provided to family and support networks.

A Family Recovery Plan is implemented, establishing boundaries, communication, and clear expectations related to recovery and relapse.

Randomized and regular drug/alcohol testing is initiated.

For questions or more information regarding recovery monitoring, contact our team.