Concierge At-Home Detoxification Program

A fully private and medical detox experience in the comfort of your own home.

The Initial Stage Of Recovering From A Substance Use Disorder Is Ridding Your Body Of Any Drugs Or Alcohol.

The initial stage of recovering from a substance use disorder is ridding your body of any drugs or alcohol. This phase is known as detoxification, and it can be challenging and frightening. Withdrawal symptoms will vary based on the individual, the substance used and the length of time of their last use. Improper detoxing can lead an individual to suffer various medical emergencies if the procedure is not performed using safe medically approved and monitored protocols. Oversight by a medical team is crucial to ensure the safety of the individual. Often this stage has to be administered in a facility specifically designed for the detox process because of the risk involved where the individual is monitored around the clock by a medical staff. A good many people needing this phase of recovery will need to be institutionalized and will need to stay away from home in a residential environment – a hospital or stand-alone detox center – to ensure their safety. However, everyone does not enter this phase in the same condition. Some, less acute individuals may be able to go through the detox phase in the comfort of their own home interacting with family and friends in a much less life altering and disruptive manner. And for some clients, issues of privacy, past trauma, convenience, and lifestyle dictate the need for an alternative to an in-patient detox stay.

If You Have Been Considering Taking This Step, Concierge At-Home Detoxification Program May Be The Answer You Have Been Looking For.

Our Concierge At-Home Detoxification Program allows certain individuals the luxury of detoxing at home while being supervised by a medical professional trained in the use of detox treatment techniques while being monitored multiple times daily by a staff member who comes to your home to ensure your privacy and safety.
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Our program is medically driven by Dr. Ashwin Patkar and his staff at AvanceCare and clinically administered by a team of Concierge At-Home Recovery Specialists. After the initial face-to-face assessment with a member of the medical team and approval has been given to move forward with your detox, you will be assigned a staff member who will come to your home twice a day to make sure that you are comfortable, take your vitals, help to administer your medications and provide guidance during this initial stage of your recovery.
If you want more information and to speak to someone immediately, please call (984) 200-2780

This Is How To Get Started And What You May Expect:

  1. Call (984) 200-2780 to schedule a discrete consultation with a member of the Concierge At-Home Recovery Staff.
  2. Labs will be taken, and an assessment made to determine if you are appropriate for this level of at-home care. Upon assessment completion, candidates for at-home detox will meet with our medical provider, Dr. Ashwin Patkar, or a member of his medical team, where detox protocols will be established using appropriate medications.
  3. At this point you will be assigned a Concierge At-Home Recovery Specialist who will guide you through the at-home portion of the process.
  4. Visits will be scheduled at your home at least twice daily. Vitals will be taken and discussions held regarding your aftercare plan. Review of withdrawal symptoms and compliance with medication will be performed.
  5. On day 3 or 4, you will again be seen by Dr. Patkar or a member of his medical staff so that your progress may be monitored and noted. All along, your Concierge At-Home Recovery Specialist will be sending reports to the medical team for oversight and daily review.
  6. The detox process is certainly not fluid, and if at any point your health appears to be compromised a referral to a higher level of care may be made. In most cases, expect your detox to last up to 10 days.
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Get started with a free and confidential consultation to determine the best pathway to begin your recovery.