For Individuals

Perhaps you have received professional accolades, have earned a generous salary or have maintained a high profile in the community. Perhaps the very strengths that have championed your success, have also garnered stress and pain, and led you to self-medicate. The fear of public exposure may find you leading a double life; feeling alone; perhaps defeated. You may be wondering if help is even accessible to you. You are not alone.

Confidential and Discreet

Welwynn is a place where you can receive clinical support and care without compromising your privacy and jeopardizing your career or integrity. We provide an access controlled secure entrance available only to participants and state-of-the-art data encryption. Welwynn’s strategic decision to remain out-of-network with insurance companies also protects your anonymity. These are just a few of the measures we have taken to ensure that you can attend our program in complete privacy.

24 Hour Access

We are available to you, and your family if you choose to include them, 24 hours a day. We ensure this full access to you by maintaining a low client to clinician ratio. Our clinicians will be available to you through multiple platforms; onsite at Welwynn and via high-security platforms for video and tele-counseling.

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Limited and Selective Enrollment

Our limited and selective enrollment lends itself to truly individualized treatment. It maximizes the clinical care and unparalleled access to clinicians and peer support you need to rebuild your health and preserve your career.

Extensive Experience Counseling Executives and Professionals

Our clinical staff has years of experience helping executives and professionals with substance use disorders. We develop treatment strategies with you, based on your needs and goals. We constantly adapt our services in accordance with your progress and experiences on a daily basis. Our team’s resolve to assist you on your journey to wellness, free from active alcohol and drug dependencies, is unwavering. Our own life experiences and diverse educational backgrounds well equip us to help you realize that recovery, health and happiness are possible.

Get started with a free and confidential consultation to determine the best pathway to begin your recovery.