Sober Coaching

Encouragement and guidance through sobriety for a healthier and more fulfilling next chapter.

What Is Sober Coaching?

Staying sober after attending an addiction treatment program can prove to be a challenge. In some cases, attempting to stay sober can seem overwhelming. One way that you can help your loved one maintain their sobriety is to encourage them to get a sober coach. Our sober coaches will work with your loved one to maintain their sobriety outside of their addiction treatment program. This program can be extremely beneficial if your loved one is newly sober or has relapsed in the past.

Why Would Your Loved One Need A Sober Coach?

While your loved one may not require on-hand companionship 24/7, they may benefit from enlisting a recovery, or sobriety coach, especially at the onset of early recovery. A Sober Coach will assist your loved one’s journey to sobriety. They will help them make choices that will make their lives healthier and more fulfilling as they enter a new sober chapter. With several modes of delivery, your Welwynn sobriety coach will create your personalized recovery plan. We can assess this plan and implement it via telephone, computer, or in-person at your loved one’s own convenience.
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The Role Of A Sober Coach

Our team of expert sobriety coaches offers a plethora of services to our clients, including:

Teaching effective coping mechanisms to deal with difficult situations

Adopting basic prevention techniques from future relapse

Helping your loved one relearn and utilize crucial life skills

By producing a personalized recovery plan, our experts are able to pre-emptively address possible challenges. Many challenges may come up during the early stages of recovery. Fortunately, this personalized recovery plan helps prevent your loved one from falling back into addictive behaviors. Setting a range of short- and long-term sobriety goals allow individuals in recovery to see visible results. Because they see the outcomes of their work, they’re able to foster a clear sense of achievement. This plan also produces a belief in the longevity of the program. Welwynn’s sobriety coaches will also provide your loved one with emotional support throughout the process. We also teach them how to build future relationships and highlight the importance of adopting a problem-solving mentality to problems that may appear as stumbling blocks during the recovery journey. Furthermore, our coaches also educate individuals about the benefits of making healthy life choices.

At What Point Is A Sober Coach Needed?

Often enlisted at the earlier stages of recovery, sobriety coaches are available in a supplementary manner. While they provide one-to-one support for individuals in recovery, they are primarily there to help individuals adjust to a more healthy, wholesome existence. One free from addiction. Coaching sessions are dependent on the specific needs of the client. They also will focus on offering both support and placing accountability back into the individual’s hands. By supporting your loved one throughout their journey to sobriety, our sobriety coaches will make the transition to a healthier, more fulfilling life that little bit easier.

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