With same day or next day appointments and no waitlist, we offer consultations to identify the best path for your recovery.


Help from Welwynn Outpatient Center starts with a free and confidential consultation with a clinician to gain an understanding of your particular situation. We will listen to your concerns and what has motivated you to seek help. Together, you and your clinician will assess the clinical roots and causes of your symptoms and formulate a care plan for your recovery. We will work with you to identify strategies that are clinically sound while enabling you to attend to obligations of your career as much as possible.

Welwynn’s low number of clients allows our staff to be continuously available to you and your families. We appreciate your understanding and patience if you are placed on our waiting list. We have a team available to provide support to you during this period.

Our team’s resolve to assist you on your journey to wellness free from active alcohol and drug dependencies is unwavering. Our own life experiences and diverse educational backgrounds well equip us to help you realize that recovery, health and happiness are possible. We will treat you with acceptance and genuine positive regard and make ourselves fully available to assist in restoring you to wellness.


Welwynn is credentialed “out-of-network” with insurance companies and welcomes self-pay as well. We accept cash, check, credit card payments, and utilize state-of-the-art data encryption in all aspects of record keeping.

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