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A message for referral sources of those struggling with addiction.

Discreet, High Quality, Treatment

Welwynn specializes in providing very discreet, high quality treatment to executives and professionals experiencing substance use disorders. Our goal is to assist them in restoring them to wellness and sobriety as expeditiously as possible so they may continue to be top-performers in their fields.

Individualized Course Of Treatment

We believe that addiction is a bio-psycho-social disease process involving the brain and is directly related to neurotransmitters and brain chemistry, neural pathways, and individual chemistry and genetics. We endorse the science that establishes total abstinence as the most effective and successful course of action for stabilizing alcohol and drug addiction. Welwynn encourages involvement with community recovery efforts such as S.M.A.R.T, Celebrate Recovery, S.O.S., and 12-Step programs for persons diagnosed with substance use disorders. We believe that it is also necessary to address co-existing psychological, social relationship and spiritual factors to help facilitate total wellness and recovery. Inclusion of the client’s family and significant others is strongly encouraged in most cases. Welwynn makes all of our services available to family members at no additional cost.

Research Driven And Evidence-Based

Our program content and modalities are carefully developed to address the special considerations and unique needs of a highly-intellectualized, professional clientele. We use evidence-based placement and diagnostic criteria as the foundation of our treatment planning. We incorporate truly individualized, solution-focused and cognitive behavioral methodologies that are specifically geared towards executives and professionals. We incorporate proven, evidence-based practices as well as the most effective of traditional approaches in addiction treatment with cutting edge innovations, always staying true to our commitment to provide the most effective interventions for our clients.

We welcome the opportunity to work with therapists and other healthcare professionals trying to help their patients overcome addictions. We invite you to schedule an appointment to visit our center, talk to our clinicians and explore our services to see our unique opportunities.

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Group Therapy In A True Peer Community

Welwynn offers participants the opportunity to choose to participate in treatment groups comprised of a true peer community that affords a safe and private venue to explore the unique cultural and lifestyle issues they experience. Factors that often influence the development of substance use disorders and relapse such as executive burnout, stress, chronic pain, performance anxiety, workplace exposure to addictive substances or other mental health issues can be realistically explored with peers who understand.

Limited Enrollment Focused On Individual Needs

Welwynn limits enrollment to a small number of participants so as to truly be focused on each individual’s needs and expedited return to wellness. We are available to participants 24 hours a day for both onsite appointments as well as impromptu visits and via secure video and tele-counseling. We flexibly use the full range of intensive outpatient options; tailored and scheduled according to both the clinical needs and career obligations of the participant.

Experienced Team Of Professionals To Assist You

All Welwynn clinicians are fully certified and licensed, in addition to being experienced in treatment for executives and professionals. Welwynn’s Clinical Director, Justin McLendon, is experienced in developing and managing treatment programs for executives as well as providing direct care. We are experienced at interfacing with practice and licensure boards, EAPs and other oversite bodies. We are happy to participate in a collaborative effort when authorized to do so. We comply with all Federal and State laws pertaining to HIPAA and confidentiality. Additionally, we take significant measures beyond HIPAA to provide the highest level of privacy and discretion to our clients and their families.
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Additionally, we take significant measures beyond HIPAA to provide the highest level of privacy and discretion to our clients and their families.

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