Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

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Why Choose An IOP Over Residential Treatment?

IOPs are an important aspect of care for people seeking help in overcoming addiction. For many people, inpatient care – whether in a hospital, clinic, rehab, or other facility – can be challenging.

These live-in treatment options often provide the highest level of care, separating people with addictions from access to the drugs or alcohol they abuse and from other people who may encourage relapse or actively sabotage recovery efforts; however, they aren’t always feasible. People often have family or work commitments that prevent them from entering full time care. They simply can’t leave their lives behind for an extended period of time. For these people, IOPs are often the best choice. They still get intensive treatment, but they are able to reside at home.

Ideal candidates for intensive outpatient treatment have a safe home environment. This means encouraging family members and friends who are ready to support their loved one in their recovery efforts. If a person lives with other people who use drugs or drink, residential treatment is generally recommended to get the person away from these triggers for relapse.

IOPs are generally not recommended for those with severe cases of addiction or co-occurring disorders. Generally, these cases are referred to inpatient treatment since they require more immersive treatment and 24-hour supervision.

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