Family Therapy

We offer a variety of resources devoted to creating harmony for family support through a difficult time.

Reasons Families Attend Family Therapy

Your therapist will meet you and your family where you are. We will get to know your family. Your therapist will look for patterns in how you communicate and you will share about the problem bringing you in. While we are helping create harmony between family members, we also recognize that you are an individual. So, each family member may view the same situation differently. In fact, different family members may have different ideas about why the family is seeking professional help to start with. This is ok. Your therapist will want to hear each family member’s point of view.

Here Are A Few Of The Many Reasons A Family May Come To Counseling Together:

  • Some members of the family aren’t talking to others
  • You want to rebuild the parent/child relationship
  • Everyone in the family is struggling
  • A child or parent is having a problem that affects the whole family

Family Therapy Can Help
The American Academy of Marriage and Family Therapists explains, “Research indicates that marriage and family therapy is as effective and in some cases more effective than standard and/or individual treatments for many mental health problems such as adult schizophrenia, affective (mood) disorders, adult alcoholism, and drug abuse, children’s conduct disorders, adolescent drug abuse, anorexia in young adult women, childhood autism, chronic physical illness in adults and children, and marital distress and conflict.”

Families come together and begin their journey to reconnecting every day in our counseling office. At Welwynn, we believe in the power of treating the entire family to improve the lives of everyone involved.

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