Sober Companion

Trained individuals specialized in challenging and difficult situations post-treatment.

Sober Companions Offer Around The Clock Care

Sobriety companions are trained individuals who are well-versed in addiction and recovery challenges. Their job is to help individuals transform into productive members of society. Unlike sober coaches, sober companions are there for individuals who have completed a treatment program and still need a fairly high level of care to continue sober living. Our Sober Companions live in your home for an extended period of time ensuring individuals are accountable for their actions and trained in navigating challenging and difficult situations post-treatment.
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How Important are Sober Companions?

Our sober companions have years of experience in recovery themselves. Therefore, we know what kinds of challenges your loved one could face in day-to-day life post-treatment. We also know that having someone there who understands your challenges can make all the difference in achieving long-term success in recovery. Our team of sobriety companions maintains solid foundations of long-term sobriety, often with years of recovery behind them. We offer invaluable guidance and advice to clients at their most fragile state in recovery. In addition, our sober companions will teach your loved one valuable skills, such as:

Coping mechanisms

Relapse prevention

Crisis prevention methods

Maintaining healthy boundaries

Furthermore, their understanding of family dynamics, co-occurring disorders, and medication risks will also help alleviate some of the problems individuals face after completing a treatment program.

What Do Sober Companions Do?

Sober companions are available in-person at any time and can help with any situation. Whether it is traveling for work or adjusting to leaving a program, our team of expert companions are there to help at any stage in the recovery process. Sober companions maintain communication with the client’s entire support team to guarantee your loved one is receiving the most appropriate care possible. Sober companions are an invaluable asset at Welwynn. They provide unwavering support, accountability, and security to your loved one’s long-term success in recovery.

Who Needs Sober Companions?

One sign that you could benefit from our sober companion services is that you’ve recently completed a session in rehab or someone you love has recently gone for addiction treatment. Once you or your loved one gets out of the structured rehab setting, it can be difficult to maintain sobriety. This challenge is incredibly overwhelming if you need to return to an environment where alcohol or drugs are standard parts of life for the people around you. In such cases, a majority of people quickly relapse. Furthermore, if you have gotten addiction treatment in the past and relapsed, you may also benefit from a sober companion. This added level of accountability can help you stay sober for more extended periods of time.

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