How The Workplace Affects Substance Abuse Recovery

Substance misuse in the workplace is often viewed as taboo. However, it’s far more common than we’d like to think. According to the National Survey of Drug Use & Health, about 70% of all adults with an alcohol or illicit drug disorder are employed. People with substance abuse disorders work across all industries nationwide. Unfortunately, substance misuse is more prevalent in some workplaces than others. According to an article on Recovered, around “19% of construction workers, 15.6% o...
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Communication Styles and Recovery

At Welwynn we work to support our clients to communicate “clearly and directly in a kind and loving way.”  The cost of not doing so can be stress and unhealthy relationships – both major triggers for addictive behaviors. “Clearly and directly” means that we commit to speaking up for ourselves so that we can get out needs met and prevent or de-escalate conflict.  “In a kind a loving way” means that we can do so while respecting the other person and our relationship with the...
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Help Your Team Manage Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

Workplace stress, anxiety and burnout can sometimes cause employees to self-medicate leading to possible problems down the road.  Find out how you can help your team create a happy, healthy and productive work environment. Help Your Team Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout, by Rich Fernandez,
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