Finding Your Spirituality

Spirituality plays a pivotal role on the road to recovery from addiction. Developing a sense of a “higher power” can push us to make significant strides toward healing our mind and body in a way that may have been unachievable otherwise. Even though finding a higher power or spiritual connection may be difficult for most, once it is found, it becomes a very important part of recovery. 

A simple step to finding your spirituality is to start with a connection. A few questions that can help you find your connection are:

  • What is important to us?
  • What is the status of our current relationships, and what do we want from those relationships?
  • What changes in our life could help us work toward deeper connection to the people around us?
  • What are we going to be willing to change

Believing that good things will come from the difficult changes that are necessary in recovery is the embodiment of a “higher power”. Spirituality is peace of mind, allowing us to feel comfortable with letting go of impulsive tendencies to control (relationships, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and situations) and instead, learn to simply Trust.

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