LPCANC Keynote Speaker 2022

The Licensed Professional Counselors of North Carolina are bringing in their Silver Jubilee in style. The 25th Annual LPCANC Conference will occur in Winston-Salem at the Benton Convention Center and the nearby Marriott Hotel. Downtown Winston-Salem (the conference’s location) will offer conference goers ample opportunities to sample everything the city offers – the Downtown Arts District, Fourth Street’s Restaurant Row, museums, golf courses, wineries, etc.
This yearly conference represents the continuity of LPCANC’s fight to advance clinical mental health counseling across North Carolina and beyond. Through advocacy and sustained professional excellence, LPCANC has made a tremendous impact on those it serves, and its involvement in almost every mental health-related initiative in North Carolina proves it. Two of the counseling industry’s brightest minds will be the conference’s keynote speakers: Dr. LaTonya Summers & Dr. Joe Jordan, both sponsored by Welwynn.
Dr. Summers’ counseling insight is one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen. She’s an award-winning assistant professor at Jacksonville University, where she teaches Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
Dr. Summers has amassed nearly 26 years of experience in her storied career. During this time, she has worked tirelessly examining and catering to racial minorities’ mental health needs. Dr. Summers founded the Black Mental Health Symposium and serves as the lead publisher of Black Mental Health Today magazine.
In addition to being a published author whose work has been published in scholarly journals and international publications, Dr. Summers recently gave a TED talk on pain being a core component of people’s journey to better mental health.
Dr. Joe Jordan is currently the CEO of the North Carolina Professionals Health Program. Before becoming the company’s CEO in 2016, Dr. Jordan spent nine years as their Clinical Director. This 15-year tenure at NCPHP accounts for half of Dr. Jordan’s career.
According to his NCPHP bio, “Dr. Jordan was the Ethics Officer, and Director of Special Projects for The National Board for Certified Counselors served as clinical director for a long-term residential program, and provided emergency psychiatric evaluation services while completing his graduate degrees.”
Dr. Jordan’s consistent presence on state and national committees aimed at substance use disorders has not gone unnoticed. He has been recognized as one of North Carolina’s foremost professional counselors. Dr. Jordan also runs a consulting business, J&D Consulting, which provides organizational evaluations, job-related burnout assessments, and supervisory consulting services.
Both speakers are Carolina-educated – Dr. Summers boasts degrees from UNC-Charlotte & Appalachian State, while Dr. Jordan got both his Bachelors and Masters at UNC-Greensboro. So, we can expect both to speak to the state’s unique issues and landscape with tact and understanding.
Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Welwynn has committed to providing discreet care to high-level professionals and their families in their fight against addiction and substance use. Get in touch with us now to get the help you and your loved ones need.

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