Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I did not think that 2016 was my best year. As I move forward into the beginning of 2017 I’m looking forward to accomplishing much and appreciating more. As I get older, I realize that time is slipping away more quickly…parents aging, children ready for college, movie icons we grew up with passing away, etc.

The nice thing about the New Year is recognizing that you can make it anything you want. It’s kind of a cleansing process – set some goals and move forward. Try not to dwell on the past…what a concept… and SO hard to do.

As I move forward into 2017 I want to learn from my mistakes and disappointments but I don’t want them to DEFINE me for the new year. I don’t want to be afraid to grow from those mistakes, appreciate the things I currently have and have the courage to change the things I need to.

As we work with our clients and families I believe those are the same things that we try to help them believe also. Don’t be afraid to change what you are comfortable with in order to have a better life, appreciate the things you have right now (sobriety or a willingness to get there), learn from those mistakes and disappointments but don’t let them permanently define who you are and above all have the courage to move forward…whatever that means for you.

– Desiree Susinee, Marketing Director at Welwynn

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