Try Out a Guided Meditation

One of the core elements of our program at Welwynn is mindfulness: being aware of the present moment in a non-judgmental way. Mindfulness is the first step towards any change in behavior or belief. If we don’t realize what’s happening, or are too wrapped up in judgments, we cannot our response.  In mindfulness practice, we set aside a few minutes to practice tuning into the present.  This time of focused practice makes it easier to be mindful as we move throughout the day.

I’ve recorded one of the meditations that we use in our group therapy sessions at Welwynn. Most people report feeling more calm, centered, and present after completing the meditation – pretty good results for something that takes just 6 minutes! Check it out for youself and feel free to share this post in your networks.  

Centering Meditation

If you found the meditation useful, here’s some great free resources to continue your journey with mindfulness:

  • Insight Timer – Thousands of free guided meditations.
  • Headspace – A free 10 day program which teaches you the basics of meditation.  
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