Why networking is important

As healthcare providers we all want what is best for our clients. They come to us sometimes at their worst of times looking for support and answers. Many times we can help that person ourselves, sometimes it isn’t a good fit. However when it comes to addiction, help is needed not only for the addicted individual but also for the family.

As busy as we are as clinicians or treatment centers, we need to devote time to good networking. When someone comes through that door and we aren’t a good fit we need to be able to confidently give them the name of someone else to provide appropriate care. When it comes to referring clients or helping family members determine a higher level of care, it’s important to know that you are referring that person to an Intensive Outpatient Program or Residential Treatment Center that you trust and shares your philosophy, especially if that client will be returning to you.

Networking with other providers, especially a competitor, helps us provide better quality care to those who are trusting us with their own or a loved one’s life in many cases. Not only do we need to network to expand our opportunity for referrals, but it is also our obligation to take care of the people who are trusting us.

Addiction is something that most people have no direct knowledge of how to get help for themselves or the addicted individual. Denial, shame and misinformation all play important factors in the power of addiction and the stigma that surrounds it. Networking together is one way to help break that cycle of denial, shame and misinformation and hopefully someday the stigma of addiction.

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